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• S U P E R F U N •

February 25, 2008

Diego had the most fun ever today. He got to go hang out at my sister’s house, and run run run around the backyard. We’ve never seen him run around outside because we haven’t been able to bring him out yet. We’re waiting for his shots. It was nice to see him run around, and man is he fast!!!


diego running

diego hanging out

Then he got really really thirsty…


His cousin Lucy was none too happy to see him running around HER house.


But he found some lovin…and she got a PUG ON THE OVEN



Then he CRASHED. Hard. Yep, he had a pretty good day…



uncle wayne

February 25, 2008

Uncle Wayne came for a visit on Friday. Diego had a lot of fun playing with him on the couch. He looks so tiny in this picture!

uncle wayne

milton is a soft, furry pillow

February 22, 2008

I would definitely call this progress. Milton is our oldest cat. He’s turning 11 this year and has diabetes. We mostly try to keep Diego from bothering him too much. That’s not always possible of course, but we try. Also, he’s hissed a couple of times at Diego (who could blame him?) so he knows to steer clear most of the time.

So we were pleasantly surprised when Milton allowed us to bring Diego near him last night on the sofa. It’s pretty sweet seeing these two together.

the boys on the couch

the boys

ahhh…the love of the creatures…

diego loves America’s Next Top Model

February 22, 2008

I mean, who doesn’t? He’s DVRing the new season.

america’s next top model

It’s ok Diego…we like ANTM too…

diego by table

adapting to cat life forms…

February 20, 2008

The cats were our biggest concern when getting a puppy. We chose a pug because they are supposed to get along pretty well with cats. Diego’s only been home for 4 days, so I think he’s doing pretty well. I think the cats are doing well too. They have only gotten freaked out a couple of times, and mostly just do their own thing. I can see every day that they are getting more and more interested/tolerable of this little creature invading their space. Here are some pics of our latest progress…

Fork actually let Diego sleep next to him. Amazing…


and then they hung out a little.

hanging out

Here’s how Milton feels about the situation:


And here’s how Willow feels:


Brand new life…brand new home…

February 20, 2008

Yep, I’ve seen a bunch of pug blogs, and didn’t see myself doing one, but what else am I going to do with all these adorable pictures of Diego?

Diego’s first day home was last Friday. We picked him up, and he slept in the car the whole way home. We were a little afraid that he would have a hard time coming home at night, but we both work, so that was our only option.

As you can see, it didn’t take him long to find and love his crate. He certainly does like to sleep when he’s not running around chasing his new brothers and sister (the kitties), Milton, Fork and Willow.

super tired

Diego also really really likes his toys. He loves to chew on them, and loves to chew on fingers. We’re trying to curb this behavior, but I think it takes some time. I guess he also likes laying on them. Man, that face gets me every time.

looking at mom