adapting to cat life forms…

The cats were our biggest concern when getting a puppy. We chose a pug because they are supposed to get along pretty well with cats. Diego’s only been home for 4 days, so I think he’s doing pretty well. I think the cats are doing well too. They have only gotten freaked out a couple of times, and mostly just do their own thing. I can see every day that they are getting more and more interested/tolerable of this little creature invading their space. Here are some pics of our latest progress…

Fork actually let Diego sleep next to him. Amazing…


and then they hung out a little.

hanging out

Here’s how Milton feels about the situation:


And here’s how Willow feels:



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2 Responses to “adapting to cat life forms…”

  1. Filipa Says:

    Hello…:) Loved the pictures!! I have two cats, and one of them is 12years old. I will have a pug next month and I’m really concerned..Do you think they will get along? Do you think the fact my cat is older is a problem?

  2. diegopug Says:

    Congratulations on your pug! I totally understand worrying about your older cat. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how they will get along because cats are so different from each other. Although your cat is older, that should be fine as long as you watch your pug around him/her. Older cats are less likely to want to play with your pug. Our cat Milton is 11 years old, and we just make sure that Diego doesn’t bother him too much. Milton will usually let him know when he’s had enough. Other then that, they usually get along ok. Our cat Fork is definitely the most friendly with Diego. They romp around together, and he generally doesn’t get worked up about Diego running around. What comes around goes around…

    The biggest surprise for us was our cat Willow. She’s turning 7 this year. I can honestly say that she truly dislikes Diego. I don’t know if they will ever get along. She used to hide all the time when he was around. Lately though, she’s kid of found her strength, and has been defending her ground. Diego is now actually a little afraid to go near her. We know if he’s near Willow because we’ll hear a little growl coming from under a piece of furniture usually…

    All in all, it’s all working out though. You just have to be sensitive to all your pet’s needs. They all need you, and they all need to feel comfortable in their home. It’s not that difficult after a while. At first it will definitely be weird, but you have to understand that it’s an adjustment period for the cats, and eventually they will adjust. You just need to make sure that you are making time for them because they will not demand it as often as your dog.

    One other thing…we use softclaws on our cat’s nails. It keeps them from hurting Diego, if they were to get him in the eye (and from destroying our furniture). They have worked really well for us, although I think some cats may be more of a challenge when putting them on). That way, I don’t worry when Willow goes after Diego. I want her to put him in his place without hurting him. You do have to stay on top of the application of them because they fall off here and there.

    I hope this helps. Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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