shawshank redemption

When we came home tonight our little Diego was nowhere to be found. He had escaped from his pen. We have no idea how he made it over the wall. Maybe he had been digging out a little hole with a pocket knife for the last few weeks, and finally made it all the way through today. We seriously have no idea. Luckily, he was somewhat well behaved while roaming around the house on his own. He tore up only a newspaper, peed on a blanket, and then cuddled up in William’s jacket. Whew! Also, we’re happy to report that the cats were acting pretty normal…and not freaked out. Actually, the more I think about it, the more suspicious I become of the cats…


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One Response to “shawshank redemption”

  1. William Truly Says:

    Dude, it was the cats! Also, where were these cats on November 22, 1963? Did they happen to be in Dallas? Just curious!

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