It’s way too hot for May

It’s hard to believe it’s only May. From the temps around here, you’d think it’s July. Triple digits and I (and Diego for that matter) just don’t go together. Pugs and heat = heat stroke. Poor Diego.

We’re considering getting him one of those cool vests that you can put on your dog if you think he’s overheating. You supposedly dip it in water and it’s supposed to work some sort of cooling magic. I don’t understand it, but if it works, it would be awesome.

I’ll report back once we get one.

We went out yesterday, and I think we all almost melted. If this is spring, we can’t wait for summer!

We had some errands to run, and we brought Diego with us. That might not have been the smartest idea. Luckily, Diego and I hid in Petco for a few minutes while William went to the stores he had to go to. Yay air conditioning!

Once we were done in Petco, we went in search of Dad. Diego doesn’t like to have to wait outside in the heat, and neither do I. We were hoping he’d be back out soon.

We were both pretty happy to see him when he came out of the store. Time to go home and get some water!


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