willow’s happy place

We love Diego. We feel bad for Willow however. She still is having problems adjusting to him. Milton and Fork seem to be ok with having him around most days, but Willow can’t deal. We’re really not sure how best to deal with this situation. For now, we let Willow hang out in the tub. It’s her favorite spot in the house, and usually Diego isn’t in the bathroom to harass her. It’s her happy place, her safe place.

Being around Diego gives her agita, and thus as a person who just wants everyone in the family to get along…it gives me agita as well.

Diego just wants her to play with him…but she’s not interested in playing with dogs so our next plan of action is just to try to get him to stop trying to play with her at all. That’s a tall order for a 6 month old pug.

How could you hate anything with a face like that?


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11 Responses to “willow’s happy place”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hi , I just found your blog, it is very nice!
    I love pugs too!
    I have been thinking about getting a pug for a very long time, But I have two cats..
    It is good to see a pug Owner with cats too! Now I know It IS possible to have both!!
    Keep up the good work!
    Happy 4 TH!!
    Mary from Massachusetts

  2. diegopug Says:

    Thanks Mary!
    It’s definitely possible to have both! We love our cats so much, and were very concerned as well about getting a dog, but so far it’s been great. They have their problems at times, but it’s nothing that can’t be worked out. I am actually very surprised at how well the cats have adjusted. I love seeing them lay next to each other on the sofa.
    Pugs are the best dogs!
    We just love Diego!
    Hope you had a great holiday.

  3. Mary Says:

    hi, Please update your blog!!
    you and me are the only ones with a pug and cats??
    would love love to hear more about you and ya pug and cats!!

  4. Laurie Says:

    Diegopug is a cutey pie. Don’t you think pugs should not be categorized as dogs?

  5. Amanda Dlny Says:

    I know this is a random question but what camera do you use as you pictures are excellent quality!


  6. diegopug Says:

    Hi Amanda, I have a couple of different cameras. Sometimes I use a point and shoot Fuji Finepix F100fd, and I have a SLR Canon 30D. I really love both of these cameras. Also lately I have started taking a few with my iphone for when we are on the go and wanting to blog. It actually allows me to post a blog while on the road.

  7. diegopug Says:

    Mary, check out my new post. I am hoping to get some more up soon as well. Thanks for keeping up with us!

  8. Jen Says:

    I just found your blog, and as it happens we’re preparing to bring our own little pug home on Monday! We have a 5 year old SPOILED ROTTEN cat at home…it’s been HIS house, so we’re a bit worried about his reaction to Louie. Glad to see it’s worked out for you and that it’s possible! We’re keeping our fingers crossed…

  9. diegopug Says:

    Congratulations on your new little pug! I know you are just going to love him. It will be an adjustment with your cat at first, but I think they will either get along, or come to an understanding to stay away from each other. Although cats sometimes do not understand that pugs just want them to play with them. We are lucky that our 4 year old cat Fork likes to play with Diego (and boss him around). They get in some chasing matches, but they are just having fun. Milton on the other hand is 11, and is not into chase. When Diego is in a mellow mood though, Milton will lay with him. Pugs are great dogs! We can’t imagine our lives without Diego! Keep in touch, and let me know how it goes. If you need any advice, feel free to contact me.

  10. Jen Says:

    Thanks for your offer of advice and help! Our cat seems to be adjusting great…though I think he’s scared of Louie; he runs from Louie’s attempts to play 🙂 It’s been great to breathe a sigh of relief that all seems to be going well, that’s for sure.

  11. diegopug Says:

    I’m glad that everything is working out for you! Any time you introduce pets to each other it can be intense. It’ll take time, but your cat will probably start liking Louie. Milton was our biggest worry, because he’s eleven, but he’s really been adjusting. We just have to remind Diego sometimes that Milton doesn’t want to play rough. The only one of our cats that still doesn’t like him is Willow. She just doesn’t want anything to do with Diego at all. I’m still holding out hope that when he’s older, and less puppy-like, that she’ll come around. Good luck, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your new pup!

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