christmas roadtrip!!!

50 hours in a car (round trip) with a dog. Pretty fun.

Actually, Diego did really well. Aside from crying every time the car stopped. We all got to spend quality time with family that we never get to see. Grandma and Grandpa, and aunts and uncles and cousins. Good times!

diego in hotel room in parka

ready for the trip

not so sure after all

not so sure after all

glad to be at grandma's

glad to be at grandma's — he doesn't even mind the air mattress

chillin with uncle brian

christmas with the family

stretching our legs and getting coffee

the way back home — stretching our legs and getting coffee

Diego bugged us to go to Dollywood, but we only drove up the street so he could see it. 50 bucks a ticket is pretty steep! I think he appreciated the effort all the same.

diego loves Dolly!

Diego loves Dolly!

All in all, it was a great, RELAXING time, and the kitties got a Diego break at home, filled with lots of visitors.


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4 Responses to “christmas roadtrip!!!”

  1. Corina Says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog while looking at pictures of pugs online. I enjoyed reading through it and getting know and watch Diego grow!

    My sister has a pug (Tommy) and had one before him called Eddie (Eddie died a premature death unfortunately 😦

    I am on the verge of getting a pug myself but have a few trips coming up and feel like I should wait until I get back so that I can allow the little guy and myself to get comfortable and get to know each other. Reading your blog, however, has made it difficult to be patient! I am ready to jump into the car and get one now!

    Cute blog. I look forward to more updates. You’ve been bookmarked!

  2. diegopug Says:

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments, and I’m so sorry about your Eddie! Since you have lived with pugs I know you understand how special they are. When I was researching pugs, I knew that Diego would be great, but I didn’t know just how special he would be. We couldn’t be happier, and the cats are doing really well with him now (more on that later). I hope to get some more posts up soon. I’m really glad that you enjoy the blog, and I’d love to hear about your new pug when you get him or her. It will be well worth the wait!

  3. Corina Says:

    Well, it turns out I couldn’t wait! I went and got a little guy: ‘Billy’. He is very cute and each and every day we bond more and more. I just can’t get over how cute his little facial expressions are. How long did it take Diego to get the whole house training thing? I live in a warm climate so it is pretty easy to take Billy out a lot, and I think he is starting to understand the phrase ‘go pee’. He is a good boy, he does very little whining and sleeps well at night. We usually get up once for a pee and then he settles back down after only a minute or two. He is starting to know the deal.

    You can check out a picture on my blog if you like (my blog is really random but there are pictures of Billy on there)

    I look forward to more Diego updates.

    • diegopug Says:

      How exciting! I checked Billy out on your blog, and he’s ADORABLE. Reminds me of when Diego was that size. I know he’ll bring you a lot of joy. Congratulations!

      I’ll check back periodically to see how he’s growing. They are so cute at that age…actually at any age.
      I should have some new posts up soon. We have some fun adventures coming up this week.

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