the cats have had enough

Diego has been rowdier then usual lately. He wants to play with the cats way more then they want to play with him. Even Fork is getting tired of him. Diego and Fork will spend a small amount of time chasing each other around, and then playing on the bed. That’s all fine and good until Fork gets tired of it, and Diego doesn’t get the hint. He doesn’t know when to stop, and usually ends up bitten in the face by Fork. Of course, he doesn’t learn from this either because he keeps coming back for more. Our new plan is just to break them up in the beginning when they are still playing. If you can’t play nice, you can’t play at all. It’s harder then you would think. I feel bad for Diego every time I hear him yelp from being bitten, but then again, I can’t believe he keeps doing it. We’ve been trying to get him out for more walks, but that ends up being William’s job because my allergies are kicking right now, and I can’t really be out for much longer then 10 minutes. By the time my allergies go away, it’s going to be time for the heat to start. I just can’t win.

We’ve also started looking into doggie daycares. We are thinking about getting him in possibly once a week, or a couple of times a month. Especially days when we are working all day, and also have plans at night. We just can’t leave him in his crate that long. It’s just not right.

We found a daycare near our house that looks pretty nice, but they only have outside play areas for the dogs, and I am worried about Diego getting overheated in the summer. They say that they have a pug in the group already and that they monitor her, and don’t keep her outside for more then a half hour at a time, but the rest of the time, they are in crates, and he could be in a crate at home. I just don’t get it. I think I want to find one with inside play areas as well. The search goes on…



the cats discussing what to do with the bratty dog.

diego is suspicious

diego is suspicious


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4 Responses to “the cats have had enough”

  1. eeplesandbaneenees Says:

    Hi! Thanks for checking me out! Yours is hilarious. I love your pug 🙂
    Weirdly enough, we also have an orange cat.

    Parallell lives is creepy! Ill subscribe to you!

  2. Corina Says:

    Nice to see an update on Diego. My little guy, Billy, is doing great. I broke my leg mountain biking last week and am now under the care of my sister. Billy is loving life because she also has a pug, Tommy and 4 shi-tzu’s to hang with all day. It is like a dog park every day around here! For me, it isn’t so great because Billy is out with the dogs all day and I rarely see him through the day. It is just too hard to lumber down the stairs and let them out of their large kennel. If I do let them out for a romp and so I can give them some love, it is difficult for me to wrangle them back in there, so it is just better than I leave them. I hate not being able to spend the appropriate time with Billy and take him for structured walks and quality time 😦

    Anyway, enough of my sob story…you might want to check out PetSmart or Petco…I once saw a group of dogs that looked like they were at a day care in an indoor area. It wasn’t great, but it was with other dogs and they had someone in there monitoring them the entire time. I am sure there will be something that you can find, but PetCo could be an option.

    Good luck and give Diego a pat for me!

  3. courtney Says:

    your pug is too cute!!!!! love the name diego too!

  4. diegopug Says:

    Thanks so much Courtney! He’s cute, and he’s a handfull at times. We adore him though. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting some updates soon. We’ve had a very busy summer, and are ready to come back with some Diego shenanigans for the fall. Thanks for your comment!

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