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diego gets a yard!

November 17, 2009

We never thought it would happen, but we finally have a yard for Diego to play in. We closed on our condo at the end of the summer, and we’re happy to say that Diego and the cats have been enjoying the new place. Moving was an interesting experience. Everyone got a bit confused and stressed, but in the end it was all for the better. We were lucky to find a condo with so much outdoor space, not only for Diego, but for us as well. We love to spend evenings sitting out under the trees, reading or just hanging out with a glass of wine. Now we just need to start landscaping. We’re thinking of adding some nice native plants, and some climbing plants as well. It was a crazy busy summer, but somehow we all managed through it. We’re looking forward to the holidays and we’re glad we got our backyard in time to enjoy the cooler weather that we waited so long for. Diego is as silly and crazy as ever, but now at  least he has some space to run around and get out some of his lingering puppy energy. He loves to chase leaves and chew on sticks. I’d tell him he’s a cliche if it weren’t so freaking cute.



March 27, 2008

I just came across these photos of William and Diego from when we went to visit him for the first time. He was 2 and a half weeks old. I can’t believe he was that small!



wow. he does run out of energy…

March 20, 2008

Hooray! We successfully wore out Diego today. We have just started walking him recently, and now we walk him whenever we can. It’s a welcome change because you can only play fetch in the living room for so long before you want to pull your hair out.

It’s so great to see that sweet sleepy face! He enjoys the walk. We enjoy the walk. And then we all come home and sleep. It’s a win/win for all.

These pictures were taken very shortly after we got home, and you can see the very quick progression… Makes me tired just looking at him when he’s like this.






shawshank redemption

March 4, 2008

When we came home tonight our little Diego was nowhere to be found. He had escaped from his pen. We have no idea how he made it over the wall. Maybe he had been digging out a little hole with a pocket knife for the last few weeks, and finally made it all the way through today. We seriously have no idea. Luckily, he was somewhat well behaved while roaming around the house on his own. He tore up only a newspaper, peed on a blanket, and then cuddled up in William’s jacket. Whew! Also, we’re happy to report that the cats were acting pretty normal…and not freaked out. Actually, the more I think about it, the more suspicious I become of the cats…

1 step forward, 2 steps back

March 3, 2008

I don’t care what Paula Abdul says, opposites don’t attract.

Diego was definitely not on his best behavior today. He just couldn’t get along with Fork. We brought them both outside today on the front porch. Diego had a hard time with it, especially because he was on a leash. Fork, for the most part was pretty chill, although he did bop Diego on the head a few times. Diego’s pretty lucky that Fork wears those soft claws, or he might be hurting right now.

First we tried sitting near each other. Fork was down with this. He even tried rubbing his face against Diego. Gotta give him props for that. Good kitty!





That was a good start, but Diego was a little riled, and needed to walk it out. So William walked him up and down the porch.

It obviously didn’t work that well, as you can see, he turned into an attack pug.

attack pug

Fork just looks baffled…and bored…and over it.


Who can blame him. After this Diego went into crazy puppy mode. Running, chasing his tail, and overall, just being a freak, and we gave up and went inside. Oh well, we tried!



All that craziness sent Diego straight to sleepytown once back inside. Sweet.

diego loves America’s Next Top Model

February 22, 2008

I mean, who doesn’t? He’s DVRing the new season.

america’s next top model

It’s ok Diego…we like ANTM too…

diego by table

adapting to cat life forms…

February 20, 2008

The cats were our biggest concern when getting a puppy. We chose a pug because they are supposed to get along pretty well with cats. Diego’s only been home for 4 days, so I think he’s doing pretty well. I think the cats are doing well too. They have only gotten freaked out a couple of times, and mostly just do their own thing. I can see every day that they are getting more and more interested/tolerable of this little creature invading their space. Here are some pics of our latest progress…

Fork actually let Diego sleep next to him. Amazing…


and then they hung out a little.

hanging out

Here’s how Milton feels about the situation:


And here’s how Willow feels: