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coming soon…

November 9, 2009

It’s been a very busy year for us, but we’re ready to start posting again. We moved a couple of months ago, and Diego’s ready to show off his new digs…and his YARD. He’s super happy and excited and we’ll have some pictures up soon. Hope you all had a great summer!


christmas roadtrip!!!

January 6, 2009

50 hours in a car (round trip) with a dog. Pretty fun.

Actually, Diego did really well. Aside from crying every time the car stopped. We all got to spend quality time with family that we never get to see. Grandma and Grandpa, and aunts and uncles and cousins. Good times!

diego in hotel room in parka

ready for the trip

not so sure after all

not so sure after all

glad to be at grandma's

glad to be at grandma's — he doesn't even mind the air mattress

chillin with uncle brian

christmas with the family

stretching our legs and getting coffee

the way back home — stretching our legs and getting coffee

Diego bugged us to go to Dollywood, but we only drove up the street so he could see it. 50 bucks a ticket is pretty steep! I think he appreciated the effort all the same.

diego loves Dolly!

Diego loves Dolly!

All in all, it was a great, RELAXING time, and the kitties got a Diego break at home, filled with lots of visitors.

Air conditioning required

August 7, 2008

Pugs and heat just don’t mix well. I think that’s a well known fact. Living in an extra warm climate may not be great idea, but we manage to get by.

The other night however, we met our match with summer. Our ac totally went out, and we had to spend the night trying to keep cool. Poor Diego. We had to keep spraying him with cool water and parking him in front of the fan. It was a long, long night…

willow’s happy place

July 1, 2008

We love Diego. We feel bad for Willow however. She still is having problems adjusting to him. Milton and Fork seem to be ok with having him around most days, but Willow can’t deal. We’re really not sure how best to deal with this situation. For now, we let Willow hang out in the tub. It’s her favorite spot in the house, and usually Diego isn’t in the bathroom to harass her. It’s her happy place, her safe place.

Being around Diego gives her agita, and thus as a person who just wants everyone in the family to get along…it gives me agita as well.

Diego just wants her to play with him…but she’s not interested in playing with dogs so our next plan of action is just to try to get him to stop trying to play with her at all. That’s a tall order for a 6 month old pug.

How could you hate anything with a face like that?

infectious infections…

June 30, 2008

One thing I’ve learned from all of this.

Pugs love to LICK and EAT everything. That’s why Diego constantly has some sort of bug. Right now he’s battling E-coli. This is the third or fourth time he’s been on antibiotics as well.


I seriously wish he could be a little more discriminating on what he decides to devour. I am forever pulling horrible things out of his mouth. One of the worst ones was a bee. I am super freaked out by bees, and I had no idea what I was pulling out of his mouth. I nearly had a heart attack.

I know that he’s still a puppy, and I really hope he grows out of this sometime soon. We love our vet, but we don’t need to be visiting him every week.

It’s way too hot for May

May 26, 2008

It’s hard to believe it’s only May. From the temps around here, you’d think it’s July. Triple digits and I (and Diego for that matter) just don’t go together. Pugs and heat = heat stroke. Poor Diego.

We’re considering getting him one of those cool vests that you can put on your dog if you think he’s overheating. You supposedly dip it in water and it’s supposed to work some sort of cooling magic. I don’t understand it, but if it works, it would be awesome.

I’ll report back once we get one.

We went out yesterday, and I think we all almost melted. If this is spring, we can’t wait for summer!

We had some errands to run, and we brought Diego with us. That might not have been the smartest idea. Luckily, Diego and I hid in Petco for a few minutes while William went to the stores he had to go to. Yay air conditioning!

Once we were done in Petco, we went in search of Dad. Diego doesn’t like to have to wait outside in the heat, and neither do I. We were hoping he’d be back out soon.

We were both pretty happy to see him when he came out of the store. Time to go home and get some water!

milton’s nervous breakdowns

April 1, 2008

Poor kitty. He’s still dealing with not being the center of attention all the time. It’s not easy for a cat who’s used to getting all the attention he wants to sharing the love. No love for you!

He’s taken to walking around the house with Diego’s toys in his mouth, crying. He mopes with the toys, he whines, he cries, he sits on top of them. It’s partly cute, partly funny and partly sad. I usually take the toy away, and do my best to comfort him. On this occasion, I wasn’t quite as nice, and I took a bunch of pictures of him. Sorry Milton!


Diego’s like “what you doing? You crazy.”


wow. he does run out of energy…

March 20, 2008

Hooray! We successfully wore out Diego today. We have just started walking him recently, and now we walk him whenever we can. It’s a welcome change because you can only play fetch in the living room for so long before you want to pull your hair out.

It’s so great to see that sweet sleepy face! He enjoys the walk. We enjoy the walk. And then we all come home and sleep. It’s a win/win for all.

These pictures were taken very shortly after we got home, and you can see the very quick progression… Makes me tired just looking at him when he’s like this.






1 step forward, 2 steps back

March 3, 2008

I don’t care what Paula Abdul says, opposites don’t attract.

Diego was definitely not on his best behavior today. He just couldn’t get along with Fork. We brought them both outside today on the front porch. Diego had a hard time with it, especially because he was on a leash. Fork, for the most part was pretty chill, although he did bop Diego on the head a few times. Diego’s pretty lucky that Fork wears those soft claws, or he might be hurting right now.

First we tried sitting near each other. Fork was down with this. He even tried rubbing his face against Diego. Gotta give him props for that. Good kitty!





That was a good start, but Diego was a little riled, and needed to walk it out. So William walked him up and down the porch.

It obviously didn’t work that well, as you can see, he turned into an attack pug.

attack pug

Fork just looks baffled…and bored…and over it.


Who can blame him. After this Diego went into crazy puppy mode. Running, chasing his tail, and overall, just being a freak, and we gave up and went inside. Oh well, we tried!



All that craziness sent Diego straight to sleepytown once back inside. Sweet.

diego loves America’s Next Top Model

February 22, 2008

I mean, who doesn’t? He’s DVRing the new season.

america’s next top model

It’s ok Diego…we like ANTM too…

diego by table